Friday, October 16, 2009


My thoughts are not in order right now. Actually! Most of the time! That's the reason why sometimes when I write something, I either go way over board or go around in circles. I feel like I'm writing a diary, well it's sort of a diary but blogs are different, people get to read them and that's what I'm kind of worried about. I envy my friends for writing blogs from time to time. I’m not sure if I can live up to them. They all sound so smart and spot on even if it's just about a walk to Mcdonald’s, beautiful girls taking pictures with their friend's webcam, a special someone or how beautiful life is. I can’t do all that but I’ll be myself and write whatever I can and want to write about I guess. Spontaneity.

Since break started earlier for me because I usually worked at home during project planning and making use of the Internet that God has blessed us with. Thank God for Internet! I thought of some things I could or I’d want to do during semestral break! I went through some very important things like bumming around, movie marathons and plants vs. zombies but knowing that I already did bum around a bit, watched movies from HBO that are semi-new and finished plants vs. zombies adventure level twice (not too much of an addict huh?), I thought of something that could maybe make me more fit or anything wouldn’t make me lazy. Ready? Here it goes. Jogging! but it requires waking up early in the morning, like really early. For the past 3 days, I wake up at 4am and get home before 7am. I love it. I’m less lazy and I get to watch the sun rise. My friend Kring and I realized that we miss out on one of the most beautiful things when we over sleep. I just love the sensation of cold air through my body while I’m jogging or walking (I’m not a robot, I can’t Jog the whole time) along the streets. I recommend it especially to Diana and Jenny. (I love you both but get your butts out there) If you’re my friend, you’d know that I’m a late sleeper and normally I wake up at noon. I’m just having fun doing it, yeah sure I get really sleepy at around 11am but it doesn’t matter. You can’t sleep just right after, I think it’s bad for you and it would be like wasting jogging time. Anyway, enough about that.

My friends encouraged me to write a blog so here it is and It's something really new to me. I know i'm not going to be a consistent blogger.

I just might get the hang of it. I just might.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially a blogger. For now?


  1. This is a good start. Blogging will help us know your status, experiences, etc especially when we graduate. I find the jogging part really cool. Nice one kimmy! :) Hope to read more from you. :)

  2. lloyd, i don't know how to follow your blog. :( thanks lloydie! You should try jogging sometimes too! it's fun! :)

  3. DEAR! I'm so proud of you! *clap-clap* I'm glad you have your own blogsite now! And this site is pink huh?!! so girly-girly! LOLS.
    I'll be looking forward to your next entries. I will follow you!

    And let's do jogging again when I get back. I'll be leaving in a while! I miss you! mwah!

  4. @kring: thankyou my dear! you were one of those friends who encouraged me to blog. so here it is. :) thanks! i miss you mwah mwah!

  5. nice one kim! hehehe!:p nasunggo ko sa inyung english! LOL!:p

  6. dugaya na ani oii!! wala ko kamao na nag make ka dati.. hahah!:p 2009 pa diay ni ?:p